A Credit Card Payment Processor Delivering EMV Chip Technology

Say goodbye to the credit card magnetic stripe. EMV is the global standard for payment processing technology and as of October 2015, merchants not using this chip-compatible processing equipment may be liable for any fraud that occurs using the old equipment.

EMV uses an integrated chip embedded in the credit card to store cardholder information that was previously held on a magnetic stripe, providing advanced security that reduces data fraud.

EMV Technology Gives Merchants Greater Peace of Mind

This state-of-the-art EMV technology will allow merchants many benefits.

Cost-Effective: EMV equipment will help keep processing fees at the lowest rates and reduce non-compliance fees.

Increased Security: EMV technology makes it more difficult for criminals to steal cardholder data and perform fraud.

Global Acceptance: EMV equipment will allow foreign tourists to use their chip cards to make purchases with US merchants.

EMV Protects Merchants