Payroll Solutions to Meet the Needs of Every Business

Through a strategic partnership with an industry leader, On The Mark Payments provides a comprehensive range of payroll services designed to meet the specific and evolving needs of businesses from a variety of industry and of all sizes. With a thorough understanding of ever-changing compliance regulations and a strong customer service component, On The Mark clients enjoy greater cost-efficiencies and overall peace of mind.

Scalable Payroll Solutions that Grow with a Business

Businesses from every industry and of every size will enjoy flexibility and scalability. These are not "one-size-fits-all" payroll services, but rather customized solutions that are designed with a business' specific needs in mind and that will grow and change as those needs evolve. Starter, complex or extended services - individual needs are met through a variety of service features that include:

  • Varied Input Methods - web, email, phone or fax
  • Direct Deposits
  • Tax Services - electronic processing of federal, state and local taxes
  • General Ledger - accounting records provided for a variety of software exports
  • Tip Services - cash wages and tip reporting
  • Certified Payrolls - wage management and reporting solutions for contractors
  • Paperless Reporting - CD, email or online reports to aid in record retention
  • Online Time & Attendance - time management from anywhere at any time
  • Custom Reports - tailored reporting to meet unique needs
  • Workers' Compensation - pay-as-you-go services and workers' comp reporting

Contact On The Mark Payments today to learn more about flexible and cost-effective payroll solutions for your business.

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