Merchant Cash Advance Programs to Provide Financing

With a comprehensive and flexible menu of cash advance programs, there is financing opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes. Most programs are designed to "buy" a portion of a business' future credit card sales and advance the business that money in cash. There are also programs available for businesses not accepting credit cards.

Cash Advance Programs to Fit Every Business

  • Opportunity Program: Designed for business owners with less-than-average credit or operating in non-traditional industries. No penalties for businesses previously denied access to capital.
  • Traditional Program: Offers flexibility with industry types and creative underwriting, highlighted by larger approval amounts and faster turnaround for funding.
  • Premium Program: The solution for business owners with strong credit and extensive business history, offering larger advances with lower rates and longer repayment terms.
  • If a merchant doesn't accept credit cards, it can still qualify for cash advance through Total Revenue Advance, which is based on total monthly revenue and verified by bank deposits.
  • Additional programs, such as those with fixed terms, are available.

Cash Advance Program Benefits

  • Up To $500,000 Per Location
  • Same Day Approvals
  • Funding Within 3 Days
  • No Late Fees and Early Payoff Discounts
  • Minimal Documentation Required
  • No Collateral or Personal Guarantee Required
  • No Restrictions on Use of Funds

Through a synergistic partnership with Merchant Cash and Capital, LLC, On The Mark Payments offers merchants a comprehensive menu of cash advance programs to meet most needs.